Kip Finch is an experienced Executive Creative Director in the direct marketing industry.

As a strategic thinker, with exceptional creative development, production and management skills he has successfully implemented highly profitable creative campaigns in both traditional print media as well as the interactive space.

Kip has managed small and large creative teams and has a strong track record cross multiple industry verticals. He is an advocate for exceptional user experiences and data-driven creative development. He is passionate about getting results and is financially prudent in all of his endeavors.


It's been a pleasure to work with Kip and his team. I have worked
with him for close to 10 years. He runs a well oiled ship and is
highly respected by his team.
Jeremias Stelter, VP of Creative Sales, Alden Staffing

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IMTFrates Launches New Site
Frates Reinsurance Intermediary works with all the major reinsurers in the United States, London, Bermuda, Germany, and Ireland.

You did a wonderful job …. You provide Services clients like us need. Many thanks!
AL Amato

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